Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Texas Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving in Texas visiting my sister and her wonderful family. It was a long 12 hour ride but went by pretty quickly when you have a back seat set up like this (and do not have to drive).
Once we got there we were greeted with a delicious meal to celebrate Thanksgiving! Probably the best turkey ever...
Along with lots and lots of sides...
And lots and lots of yummy wine....
The next day was filled with Black Friday shopping. No time for busy scoring awesome deals:) We recovered on Saturday with football and more food...
Tal was the lone Alabamer fan. War Eagle!!
It was a great mini-vacay but we couldn't wait to get back and rescue this little pooch from puppy prison (aka the kennel). She was exhausted from her adventure....  
I hope every one's Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food and fun!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tara Guerard: Champagne and Pink

Have you seen how Tara Guerard's set her dining table for Thanksgiving in this month's issue of Southern Living.  I'm head over heels for it and am loving this color combination of champagne and pink.

Don't you love the bench with the pink pillows?  How fun and unexpected!  In fact, I love this color palette so much it will be the inspiration for my daughter's quilt that my mother in law promised to make for her.

So pretty.

I love this tablecloth with the wide contrasting band!  So dramatic!

Ironed on monograms - brilliant!!  Love how the Lindt chocolates add the pop of pink!  Great styling. 

Love the self serve bar!

So, now I'm on the mad hunt for champagne colored fabric for Elizabeth's quilt!  If you have any recommendations, let me know!  

In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.  

When Sex Goes Wrong..

Hey dolls,

Sorry it has been a while since I last blogged but lets just hope it was worth the wait!

After talking with some friends about sex (obviously something I talk about a bit too often) and things that can go wrong, we started to have a real laugh at the stories that were coming up. You know, when cum goes in your eye and you think you are blinded or someone walks in on you etc.

I will start with myself.. Let me just add that this is a story that not many people know as I have always been completely embarassed by this and the thought of it still takes me back to the shock.. anyway..
A few years back I was seeing this guy and it was all going great. One day I was at his and he was going down on me. From the minute he started, I knew I was going to have to fake it and actually think of something to get me wet (I think at the time it was Channing Tatum dancing naked) as his tongue was not doing it for me. The boy had no clue what he was doing. Ten minutes in and me getting bored by his obscure ways of licking a vagina, he could tell I was getting restless, so he started going for it. Next thing I remember was screaming and kicking him in the face. He fell off the bed, I was in agony. I put my hand down to my vagina which was throbbing and not in a nice 'Jacob from Twilight is naked' kind of way. He had bitten my vajayjay. I was bleeding. Boy bit me!! I got dressed, left and refused to ever speak to him again. He obviously was very apologetic. I told him to do one.

Awful I know. Another embarassing time for me was in Spain a few years back. I had gone out with my cousin and a bunch of her friends and we got really drunk and ended up in a kareoke bar where I was actually being stalked by a midget. (I have pictures to prove this!) Anyway, I ended up getting with one of my cousins friends and ended up back at his. Or his Grandma's! After a bit of fun and frolicks I decided it was time for me to go. However, he did not want me to turn on the light as we might wake
up his grandma (don't worry, she was not in the same room) so I could not find my top. So in the end, he gave me one of his shirts. Spot the skank whore. Walking through the port at about 4am when the last few drunks were still out, wearing my denim skirt and this oversized shirt that you could see my bra through. He walked me back to my cousins appartment and as I walked in, my cousin just looked
at me and laughed.

Ok, enough about me.
Meet my friend *Joe. Joe had been with his girlfriend for some time and decided the bed was boring and wanted to try having sex elsewhere. So Joe lifted his girlfriend up onto a set of drawers he had in his room and they started having sex.
A few minutes in, there was a weird noise but neither gave it too much attention as things were getting steamy.Now, they wish they would have paid attention. The drawers gave in and Joe's girlfriend fell, penis still inside her. The drawers could not take her weight and they broke. As did his cock. 999 - AMBULANCE! Joe was rushed to hospital with a snapped penis. He had to have his foreskin cut off and have the muscles in his penis stitched back together. It took three months to heal and he could not have sex or even masturbate for all that time.

My friend *Brad is a massive flirt and funny guy. A few years ago he went travelling with two of his boy friends. When in Figi, Brad met a cute petite girl at a party who he knew he wanted to have his way with. As the party was coming to a close, Brad hinted to the girl that they should go down to the beach. She was more than happy to join him. Straight away they started to get it on. She kept hearing noises and telling Brad but he told her to ignore them. Brad knew full well what the noises were. BUGS. He was so drunk and wanted a shag he didn't care. They had sex and as he pulled his cock out, he saw a bug crawl into her vagina. Brad screamed and ran off. He does not know what happened to the girl.

Meet *Sandy. A girl who cracks me up with every story she tells. She met a guy called *Jonny through some friends and took quite a liking to him. They started meeting up and after some time were seeing eachother quite often. They would go out and kiss and hold hands, all very cute. One night Sandy decided to cook for Jonny and make things romantic. They had a great dinner, drank some wine and moved on to the bedroom. They started kissing and clothes started flying accross the room and onto the bed they went. Sandy was very excited to finally have sex with Jonny. She really liked him and knew it was going to be great. How wrong she was. Jonny started to make very weird noises and started screaming whilst having an orgasm. Sandy lay there shocked. Jonny was shaking and making noises like a little girl. He then came. He then collapsed onto Sandy and then sat up again. She looked at him and burst out laughing. Her exact words to him were, "Are you serious???!!" Put it this way, she ended things with him the next day! HAHA!

Let me introduce you to *Tony. Tony is a guy I have known for a few years, and let me tell you, is gorgeous. All the girls want a piece! One night, a week after Tony had an operation on his arm he went to the pub with some friends.
A few days later, a girl he knows phones him up and said a girl she was with at the pub the other day fancied him and would probably sleep with him. Tony was not really phased but let the girl give her friend his number. An hour or so later, Tony gets a call from a random number and it happens to be the girl from the pub, *Tanya. They chat for a bit and Tanya asks Tony if he was free to get a drink later that night. So later that night, Tony went to pick up Tanya and they went for a drink. She had already been drinking and was already pretty wasted. OVer a drink, she starts
getting cheeky and asks Tony what the naughtiest thing he ever did was. Tony comes back with usual men answers, "had a threesome" or "slept with my French teacher in school." Tanya then asks him if he is going to fuck her and they soon get in his car. Tanya then tells him she does not want to go back to her flat but rather go to her parents house. Tony knew this was a bit odd but he went along with it. As they arrive to the house, she tells him to wait so she can turn of the CCTV cameras. This was the first moment Tony should have driven away. In they go and she tells him to wait on the bed whilst she changes. She comes back in sexy lingerie and tells him to lie on the bed so she can massage him. Out comes the lotion and she starts massaging him, down his legs, up his back, around his balls then WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM up goes her finger in his ass! He was in shock, pushed her off with his one good arm and turned around to have sex. The whole time, she had told Tony to keep his voice down as her parents were next door and next thing you know it, he is shagging her brains out and she is screaming and all of a sudden, a voice from next door goes "shh!" They both cum and Tony gets dressed. Tanya then starts saying she wants to go again but Tony says he needs to leave. She blocks the door and tells him he cannot leave as her husband is asleep next door, not her parents. He said he needs to leave to take pills for his arm and Tanya starts laughing saying she should have taken her pills. Tony asked what pills she takes. Her reply, "the doctor gives me pills as my sex drive is too high. I can finger myself up to 6 times a day. I love sex. Fuck me again?"
Tony pushes her out the way and dashes to his car. He phones his cousin to tell her of his mad night to which his cousin laughes hysterically. He knew of this Tanya and informed Tony how she had been in a mental home a few years back and is a sex addict.

I hope these stories have kept you all entertained and if you have any stories of your own you would like to share please comment here or tweet me @LittleMissVak or email and keep updated on my facebook page

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Splash of Pink

I'm not sure it is because I have a little girl, but I'm falling head over heels for interiors with a splash of pink.  At first, I was convinced a pink sofa would be the right amount of pink to make me super happy!

But, after living with a pink sofa in our rental, I can tell you it is not ideal with little kids.  It takes only seconds for my son to finish his lunch and then go dive on the pink sofa with his greasy hands.  Hello stains!  So, I'm reconsidering a pink sofa (unless it is in our master bedroom, but I need to convince my husband of that!) and am now thinking of injecting a splash pink in other ways.

Hello pink chair!

Samsung Wallpaper

Cell Phone Wallpaper - The Fashion Statement
According to Kumar Alok

Mobile phones have become very complicated with the progress in computer technology, and together with the mathematical properties, we can now aesthetic qualities. Wallpapers for the phone in the same way as Desktop Wallpapers.

With the growing popularity of wall paper, there is a large position in the market. Customers choose a location that defines their personality and mood, they can now watch their favorite animals, cars, nature, flowers, actor, movies, cartoons gizmo or other animated images, as well as their wallpaper.

Wallpaper can also be personalized using a picture that you clicked. These photos are digital camera or video camera cellphone. Now you can have a picture of your spouse, children, parents and friends, PET, or a nice vacation, if your wallpaper.

Samsung Wallpaper
Samsung Wallpaper
Samsung Wallpaper
Mobile Wallpapers can be easily downloaded from the Internet site of many free download of Wallpapers: This is a beautiful wall papers are available in bright colors and interesting Graphics. Can still picture or animated wallpaper. It adds a splash of color and fun to you in any way other basic colored phone.

Wallpapers can be a topic of conversation. Due to its popularity, people want to see your wallpaper on your mobile phone. This is a good way to pay more attention to the social circle and keep it interesting wallpaper design you can easily install a "cool" category and the new trend. You must be creative in your choice of wallpaper, which will help you create unique and different from the crowd.

A number of different backgrounds can be stored on your phone so you can wallpaper as often as you want to change. You can change your mood or outfit or a group of people you hang out in practice, you can select a different wallpaper and friends.

Cellphone Wallpapers trendy, cool, easy to download and is free of charge. "One can easily find and groom, using the technology of choice Wallpapers: Wallpapers can be exchanged between friends and other Bluetooth devices. This is not only an accomplice to the phone, but also a very popular tool.

Free Pc Wallpapers

Free Beautiful Wallpapers for your Desktop
By Ivan Tokic

Free Wallpapers for your desktop can be given a new life is very boring same old ground again and see your time. Background of this change is always welcome, especially when it comes to beautiful and absolutely free. There are many available online for free wallpapers. You must search for "Free Desktop Wallpapers" on a search engine such as Google-day, and you will have a long list of sites that offer this table backgrounds, free download gets. You can click on any of these sites and select any picture you want.

When you hear the word, what a beautiful baby that comes to your mind. There are beautiful landscapes, beautiful landscapes, a romantic beach, Fantasy Wallpapers and many more things that are absolutely beautiful. Categories available on the websites that offer free wallpapers free 3D Wallpapers, Hot Wallpapers, Nature Wallpapers for free, love, fun and Wallpapers for PC, free computer wallpapers, Wallpapers for free city, free landscape wallpapers, celebrity wallpapers for free, free Newest Wallpapers, Cool Wallpapers Free Beautiful Wallpapers for free - Each of these beautiful enough to decorate your desktop.

Free Pc Wallpapers
Free Pc Wallpapers
Free Pc Wallpapers
When in your office, and even when you are stressed, just look at a beautiful picture and allows you to relax. This is a relaxation technique, you can even try this if you have some spare time on your hands, simply load your table with a nice background for a website on the Internet, as defined, is that your posters and just looking at that in a few minutes without anything else. You will see that your mind is empty and careless after a few seconds then when you return to work, you will feel fresh and relaxed, you can inspire your position very nice manners.

Every time, when you download free wallpapers, look for a good resolution. There are high quality beautiful wallpapers on some sites. You can also scan these wallpapers once you get to do even better, if you buy anti-virus software is up, if there is no virus threat, before downloading the images. You can also have some beautiful pictures, and make it as wallpaper for your desktop, but you need a few changes in the sizes of these images. Free Wallpapers for your desktop screen size and is adjusted according to need no further changes. Get your free wallpaper today and make your desktop clean.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Actress Wallpapers

How Free Bollywood Actress Wallpapers to find
By Lavanay B.

Well, it's not true. Music actresses like Shilpa Shetty and Celina Jaitley can knock the socks off of a man, when fully dressed from head to toe. The effect is tripled when short and clingy clothes. Suffice it to anyone drool makes no sense. If you have a favorite actress, who would set wallpaper to have on your computer screen, then here are some simple ways to quickly find.

1. Go back to Google engines sites that are hot and sexy photos of the stars that you want to find. You can easily download images from Google Images for use, as well as sexy wallpaper. Almost all the stars of Hollywood in the internet and you will all kinds of photos you want. Enter the formula, even if not all photos are enough to use the Google Desktop Wallpapers detailed.

Actress Wallpapers
Actress Wallpapers
Actress Wallpapers
2. There are several other options you can choose a more Wallpapers for your favorite heroine. Bollywood fans, there are several places where you can create a unique portfolio and modeling shots of your favorite color heroines find.

3. Another great site is a good wallpapers of heroines are Photobucket to find where there are thousands in the last picture posted free and open for use. You can be the exact image you want to download and use as wallpaper for your computer.

4. If you have a digital camera can take pictures for use in magazines, and Wallpapers: This only works if you're really a great camera to take pictures, and know how to use the computer. You must have a high pixel camera to record images. You can harvest them if you need them if you want to modify.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Images

Beautiful Love Wallpapers for Desktop
By Ivan Tokic

With Love Wallpapers for your computer can really bright your day, there are many photos to do with love, you are guaranteed a smile that many people are familiar with the heart and bows and arrows as symbols of love to each other, that it your background may also remind you that special one, at any time of day. Love Wallpapers for your message or quote can also be sports-loving, and loving images. These words have powerful meaning, or just to say I love you, but one thing is certain, every post you feel warm and stay inside. Hearts are very dynamic image, because many people love them, because these posters, especially those without love: They can be used to the whole image as a fresh and funky image creation.

Cupid of his bow and arrow is a typical kind of love the location, design, but now you can take a number of different ways, such as animation or art place. You can even get a few quotes to communicate with images of love and humor about their pubic Cartoon teddy bears or cartoon style wallpapers for a romantic, but now you can laugh off. Humour is a refreshing alternative to the old-fashioned love story in pictures of love. What can appeal even jokes about love, to feel their love is more comedy backgrounds.

Love Images
Love Images
Love Images
Valentine's Day, a time when many users their computer desktop background will change. Love the place, the most popular around this time, because people tend to feel happy and loving, and how to think about their loved ones: You can also select different styles and background of the beautiful animal photos and cuddly , colorful and exotic designs, scenes of natural beauty and famous poems and quotes over the years.

There is no doubt, they all want a beautiful computer background. Using the incredible range of art and affordable, you can bring your desktop to life. You can share the love by sending your favorite wallpapers to your friends or your family so they can make posters to remind you to them. There is probably more like the position available, than any other category, so do not worry you will never get bored, plus you can go and change the location of your love, how and when you want. You can even add personal photos like your love Wallpapers, entwining your picture, a beautiful panoramic views of funky colorful and modern design: Adapting your wallpaper for you to be so unique, no one will have the same background as you: Love your baby, always going to feel every time your computer, so get searching and find your special love of origin.

Desktop Clock

Analog and digital clocks on your desktop
By Avinash Bikumalla

Start working on laptops or inevitable in these days: Everything we do is connected to the computer one way or the other. You appointments online, book tickets for your favorite shows, movies on your desktop, live football, chatting with friends, etc. can schedule and I have not any of the above actions, you have the time, when you say "no", then you must submitted, because I did not have much time.

At that point I decided, for various instruments, which reminds me of the time and also the artistic fashion of the time in the system tray to show for testing. It was then I found that there are many tools for analog and digital clock desktop / laptop. They are very interesting.

Desktop Clock
Desktop Clock
Desktop Clock
I'll try a few of them here to explain

Decoration Clock (digital) - It is not that it's time to say directly. Changes with time, the background to the table, for example, when the afternoon, the sun high in the sjy and the background will be the night, the moon will be in place this time will not abstract, that if you want fun to have a certain time, you can use this

Binary Clock (digital) - This will be the exact time at any point of time telling, but the binary format. The hour, minute, second of bits (zeros and ones), you should periodically calculate. I give this one a technological Freaks.

Phase Clock (analog) - This modern analogue of analog lovers the perfect backdrop. It does not have any size, but you can see the hours, minutes, seconds, and a number corresponding to their position: You have the option of full-time and space to see if you like.

Cartwheel Clock (analog) - Animated Desktop This display will show the date and time at any point of time. This is useful for people who want things simple and beautiful: you can change the colors on the rear wheels, white and blue.

Things can be interesting and effective with little effort, try a few of the above one to use and see if you are able to use it if nothing is working for you, then keep reminders. There are many more tools to try online, just hop in your work and see it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Sorry for the extended absence.  In fact, I've been reading your blogs between feedings, changing and walking Elizabeth, but I haven't had much time to put my thoughts together and write.  Speaking of Elizabeth, she is a little colicky, but we seemed to have turned a corner.  Luke is also well but a bit a lot more needy than he was before her arrival.

While all of this has been going on we packed and moved out of our house, put our stuff in storage and moved into a temporary rental (more on that in a minute).  We also closed on our house.  So, we're officially homeless.  Leaving our house was  harder than I anticipated - our first home together and Luke's first home made it really hard to say good-bye.

Ok. So, now for our new, temporary home.  We're staying in a 1400 square foot home on the CT shore.  It's bright and sunny home and we're really happy here.  And we're literally across the street from the Long Island Sound, with water views from our windows.  If this was summer, we could never afford this!

It's a cute cedar clapboard house with a nice stone patio which we've used for lunches.  The kitchen isn't huge, but it's open clean and bright.

And, it's open to the living room, below.

There are two first floor bedrooms (ours and Elizabeth's) and Luke gets the entire upstairs to himself!  It's his own secret hideout and he loves it.

Other than the occasional jaunts to the beach and napping whenever I can, that 's what has been going on here.

I'm hoping as we settle into more of a routine that I can get back to posting more frequently.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wallpaper Mobile

How nice to get Mobile Wallpapers
According to Kumar Alok

How nice to get a cell phone Wallpapers - There are two ways to do mobile Wallpapers, made and delivered to your industry or the Internet. The former is a beautiful way, but only a few options, in general, they are JPG files, and later to be more of, and variations file format.

Some mobile phone Wallpapers is really smart and innovative, for example, my phone is Nokia N25, the latest from the Nokia team. 13 Wallpapers on the N25 fit, they Morning.JPG, Dusk.JPG, Leafs.JPG, Lights.JPG, etc. My favorite is the background Morning.JPG. In fact, this card is a red wallpaper, which sits on a plum plum branches and four small white flowers, traditional Chinese landscape so charming that it makes you go into the sad, but a comfortable artistic conception.

Wallpaper Mobile
Wallpaper Mobile
Wallpaper Mobile
By the way, all my friends, that as soon as the mobile phone Wallpapers from Internet: The Mobile Phone Wallpapers for four types of landscapes. Some of them are interesting, because it is performed in software. Imagine your own piece of beautiful wallpapers to your cell phone are you so cold that your friend would give them courage. This is your artistic taste and personality, you agree with me.

Today there are many sites online offer a special telephone Wallpapers, they are maps that relate to animals, beauty, landscape, cars, weapons and even porn pictures: They are all free to download, but you pay a small fee will be in the near future my friend, Jane, a smart girl, showed me his new cell phone wallpaper, a map, which shows the jumping monkey, a banana in his hand caught in the fighting. It's amazing and hilarious.

So, what are you waiting for, download your wallpaper now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wallpaper For Mobile

Decorate your mobile phone at Mobile Screen Wallpapers
By Nisha G.

Mobile Phone Wallpapers are images that display on the screen of cell phones decorated: Latest mobile wallpapers can be downloaded from the Internet, and can even be transferred to another cell. You can make your own by capturing images with the help of the camera in the cell.

These days, mobile phones are versatile devices. The main source of interaction on one side. On the other hand, it is possible for multiple operations to be carried out with the help of their own. For example, you can take pictures, have fun, play games and so on.

A medium, it's kind of funny wallpaper. These photographs show that screens in the cell decorated. These pieces are used as decoration on one side. On the other hand, many people use their emotions. On the screen, such as photos of beautiful models and the like, as a decorative piece used. Some people have a God-fear, patriotic and romantic feelings. such feelings can be expressed in the screen shots as images of deities, patriots, historical personalities, etc. on the screen of your mobile.

Because the Internet is there, we need not worry as he tried to download Mobile Wallpapers - Is it possible to easily download images of their favorite stars from various sources on the net. Internet is the best source, where a number of recent paintings. Latest Wallpapers for mobile portals can be made free of cost so much. These wallpapers of different topics. As mentioned earlier, these themes are sacred, patriotic, romantic, and so on.

Wallpaper For Mobile
Wallpaper For Mobile
Wallpaper For Mobile
These images are absolutely free. If you have an Internet-based phone, you can easily download mobile wallpapers on your phone. If your phone is Internet enabled, you can do so with the help of the computer. You can read your computer. The Internet is a difficult task to search for images. Just enter your favorite topic of "images" and you will find options for a number of images, what is your favorite subject to search when, with the exception of downloading pictures to your instrument or computer. The same can be done with the help of Bluetooth facility also.

Free Mobile Wallpapers can be transferred to the instrument as well as gadgets. Transmission system such as that mentioned above. Two cell can also be connected together through a data cable to a different data transfer options such as Bluetooth and infrared, which in this sense is, If you want remote users send photos to show you can do. the use of multimedia messaging services. In addition, you can only picture you use as wallpapers: You can use your own pictures using the camera, the latest available tools.

The latest mobile wallpapers are very popular among young people. These are the additional features to use for mobile users. More and more new photos Uploaded On many websites everyday. Therefore, when it comes to the wealth of other pictures, you have many options.

Nature Pictures

Let's glorious scene with the nature Desktops Photos
By Troy Lillly

Have you ever stared attractions and ambiance natural to think that a certain time. Your day will become dull, while working on your computer. If so, then you have an interesting option in the exciting view of the nature of your workplace: a moment to relax in the wonderful nature of the desire to work long hours in front of the computer. Photos of the natural waterfalls, rivers, trees and landscapes in your desktop environment and the external environment: Imagine the beauty of the bright flowers in a lush green environment. What a sight it was. No words can best describe its beauty. There is nothing like nature wallpapers that you can relax and have the courage of your day in the office. The agency instead of natural landscapes has proven effective treatment is relaxing and calming visual benefits.

Nature photography reflects the elegance and images of God's wonderful creation, and it definitely makes you appreciate nature. The quality of the background can be downloaded from the web and easily to your computer. Working under the backdrop of rocky waterfalls, dark forest, the mountains of snow, with flowing rivers, bridges and other'll shocking scene a fantastic experience. Appear on your can change every day, as there are varieties of wallpapers available online. These wallpapers fit your screen, two desktops, laptops, and because their budget on the size of the vehicles' movement.

Nature Pictures
Nature Pictures
Nature Pictures
Preference may be different wallpapers to choose some people who love the image of a bright yellow sun and shower the trees and the environment, I have a few dark and dense green forest. Regardless of your selection of nature images are available for download Wallpapers: Along with the visual treat your eyes, these positive feelings and thoughts Wallpapers to ensure that those who seek a stress-related problems you may suffer and look for moment this elegant view of nature will change your mind. And the cute look of portraits of nature helps you to get rid of your stress and workload.

Nature wallpaper is effectively used in slide, large windows and theater murals. These wallpapers help you enjoy and appreciate the magnificent beauty of nature. The freshness and uniqueness of the photos creeks, streams, and other traditional areas of wild nature, or Beauty can last a long time before the day of your mind. Look at different backgrounds excellence, quality and simplicity of nature to express your monitor. Photos are available for download on the internet is a good quality and in accordance with desktops, smart phones and other modern equipment, you can change your work environment is interesting nature wallpapers for free.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Computer Screen Savers

Dress your computer with: Harley Davidson Wallpaper
By Tom wheeler

Why go to a boring computer, when you can give a custom Harley Davidson look like wallpaper. If you love motorcycles and want to look at different models or images are of great pictures on your computer, download the official website of Harley Davidson.

Many people love the color and personality to increase their personal computers and work on special "animated" and a poster. In some places, that I would like to, animals, sports, or add photos. Adding these things, you see something that is not what you want, and tell others about you and your interests.

Harley Davidson offers a number of "Screensavers" and wallpaper for your computer. You can fine-art photography, which focuses on Harley Motorcycles Harley or a picture of you or want. If we look at the background and the Screensaver will remember the time well spent on your bike and feeling, which is the way to drive yourself.

Computer Screen Savers
Computer Screen Savers
Computer Screen Savers
Some pictures, posters on the annual Sturgis South Dakota bike Who: Motorcycles enthusiasts around the world participate in this opportunity. Participants will enjoy entertainment, sightseeing rides, and talk to other enthusiasts. This experience Wallpaper or Screensaver and scenic places in previous meetings, you can relive.

You can also drool over the custom Harleys. New ideas to change your ride or dream about the bike you want to own one day. Harley enthusiasts will love theirs the best stage and others are adjusted.

Another possible topic of your computer for photos and other materials related to your motorcycle riding. Get photos Motorcycles along scenic drives and famous spots. Screensaver that is available for both Windows, and Mac users makes it easy to install on any computer.

Harley Davidson Wallpapers come in different sizes, so you can choose which best suits your computer screen and adjust the system. For some people, you must create a free profile on Harley Davidson. But, when you create your profile, you will have access to other items on the site and may cooperate with other Harley owners and enthusiasts.

Harley Davidson wallpaper to your computer for a personalized look, that's love. Choose from a variety of different images and themes: Screensaver Add more fun.